We had the pleasure to have at GCE a delightful guest, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University that works at the Rehab Neural Engineering Lab studying the control of movement to develop new technologies for assisting and restoring motor function after nervous system injury and limb loss.

I would like to share with you the students voices, their experience…

After presentation:

1)What did you know about Brain Technology before?

2) What is the main purpose of the presentation?

3) Which things caught your attention? / What is your favorite moment of the presentation? Why?

After reading the article “Merging Man and Machine” , listening to the presentation “Brain Research”  and watching the TED video “Stroke”:

4) What is your personal opinion about this topic?

5) What did you learn about Brain Technology? Please explain

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  1. MML says:

    1. I did not know anything about brain technology.
    2. The main purpose of the presentation is to teach us about how the brain works.
    3. The thing that caught my attention was the small chip that can go in your brain so you can control prosthetic limbs. The metal suit that they are trying to use for the army was my favorite part.
    4. I think this topic was very new to me and I think this is one of the most interesting thing that I have ever seen.
    5. I learned about how they can plant a chip in the back of your head and you can tell the prosthetic hand to do something with your mind.

  2. MF says:

    I knew about how the brain works, meaning the left and right side, before we watched Brain Technology.

    The main purpose of this presentation was for us to know how the brain works.

    The thing that caught my attention was the part with the monkey who was trying to get the marshmallow with a prosthetic arm. My favorite part of the presentation was when he showed us the man playing a game with his brain because it shows how the computer responds to the brain.

    I learned that the brain helps the computer and the computer helps the brain, about the different parts of the brain, and what side controls what parts. In the video, I saw how the prosthetic arm worked using a monkey, who was trying to get a marshmallow. I think that was pretty cool. We also read an article about people who lost their arm or a leg. So they go through tests and get a prosthetic arm or leg.

  3. DN says:

    1. I didn’t know anything about Brain Technology before. Now I know Brain Technology about Motor Cortes.

    2. The main purpose of the presentation is that I learn a lot of things about the Brain. How the monkey move and the robot move. They moved same way.

    3. My favorite moment of the presentation was when they put the woman in FMRI because they want to know how the Brain work.

    4. my personal opinion about this topic was amazing. They helped people to get prosthetic arm.

    5. I learn about Brain Technology when they fix people hand with a robotic arm because when they done fixing the arm, the person can’t feel anything.

  4. LN says:

    1. I thought that the body can respond with out a brain but if the brain stops working, then everything in your body can stop working.

    2. The main purpose of the presentation was to tell how the brain works and to learn they have machines that can read our thoughts.

    3. The thing that caught my attention was that they can read your thoughts when they put you in fmri machine to do so. My favorite moment during the presentation was when the scientist tried to use a monkey to test if the monkey’s brain can give signals to the robot in Japan.

    4. This presentation gave people hope, especially to amputees, for the future, so that they can have better artificial arms or legs. I think people will be happy about organization like RIC and Rehab Nural Engineering Lab, that do this kind of research.

    5. I learned that they use fmri to read the thoughts of the person who is in it and to know where the thoughts are coming from in the brain. I also learned that brain can control the artificial arm/leg or robot from a long distance by only thinking about it.

  5. SB says:

    1. I knew the basics about the brain and how the prosthetic limbs work before I watched his prestentation.

    2. The main purpose of this presentation was to educate us about neuro science, electrons, and prosthetic limbs.

    3.I was surprised at how there are many ways to collect the nerve electode pulses throughout the brain.

    4. I think that this technology is a great inovation … except for the animal testing part (poor Marty, the monkey;()

    5. I learned a lot about the details of prosthetic limbs, exactly how prosthetic limbs are attached and operated. Or How the man in the video was controling the video game with his mind.

  6. CO says:

    I didn’t know a lot about brain before, but the only thing I know is that my cousin has Epilepsy; once, he had an episode on the street; after 30 mins, people took him home.

    The main purpose of the presentation was for us to learn about our brain functions, and for us to be more interested in becoming a scientist just like Gustavo Sudré, the researcher that visited us today.

    The thing that caught my intention was when we saw in a video, how a monkey use his brain to get a marshmallow using a robot arm; that part was very interesting to me. I never knew that monkeys can think just like us.

    My personal opinion about this topic is that:
    I would love to became a scientist just like him, so I can study about brains, to help people with disabilities in Africa or different places.

    I learned that, when people want to use a hand or do anything, they use their brain. Before, I thought that when people want to do something they use their heart.

  7. HT says:

    1. The right side of the brain controls the left side of your body and the left side brain controls the right side of your body.

    2. To know how the brain works in our body. Which part of the brain is the most important for our movement.

    3. The first picture of the brain caught my attention. My favorite moment of the presentation was when a man in a wheel chair had the chip on the top of his head and was playing a game on the computer. Because it’s important to know that even if our body can’t move, our brain can still control everything in our body.

    4. It was a very interesting presentation because I did not know how our brain works in our body. It is important for amputees because they can do everything from their brain as long as the brain can.

    5. I learned about how they connect the brain and the computer. They use a chip to read a person’s mind, then the robot does what the person is thinking.

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