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  1. H P says:

    Today we visited the Colombian consulate of Chicago and learned a lot about the country and South America. One value that they held was education, and many immigrants from Colombia actually say their schooling was more rigorous in their home country than here (and America is known for having a high standard of education). Colombia also has many traditions including holidays, in fact, they have at least one holiday in every month except September. Colombia is a country heavily influenced by migration, their country has a strong mix of Spanish and African culture making it very rich and colorful. This influences everything from their food choices to their music, and the celebrations. We found that Colombian people (since they are already multicultural) fit in well in American society for their ability to adapt, while still keeping their sense of culture. The only thing that people have difficult with is that our culture has a strong value on timeliness and leadership, but this isn’t so important in Colombia. Lastly, one thing that caught my attention was Colombians haven’t lost their sense of culture and tradition with all of the violence that goes on. However this has apparently effected the trust of the citizens as a whole.

  2. MML says:

    On February 3, 2012, the class visited the consul general of Colombia. I asked many questions from what are some of the main traditions in Colombia to how kids dress to school. One thing I learned about Colombian values is that music is a big part of Colombia and one person that can represent that is, Shakira, which is a very popular artist all around the world, including The United States. We also learned about one traditional dish, Chicken soup, also known as ajiaco.

    One thing that I learned about the Colombian culture is that every Thursday and Friday before Easter is called good Friday, and all kids have school of, and all adults usually have work off. One thing that I have learned about Colombian people is that most of the traditions in Colombia are the same here in The United States. While we are celebrating Christmas in the States, children are celebrating Christmas in Colombia. One thing that caught my attention is that Colombia has 17 official holidays to celebrate during the year.

    I have learned a lot of things out during our interview, but one thing that stayed in my head is that how can migration influence the Culture. I was guessing that music was one of the things and, it is. From the instruments you play to the new lyrics they write. It is amazing how music can change over the years.

  3. JP says:

    Today, February 3, 2012, we visited the Consulado de Colombia en Chicago. We talked with the consul general. I learned that Colombian people greetings are similar to ours in America. They shake hands when meeting someone formally. Informally women kiss each other on the cheek, and men give a hand shake or hug. African and European immigrants have had a big influence on Colombian culture. Bringing their culture they have made communities in Colombia. In the communities they have restaurants where they make food from their country. African music and European fashion has also had an influence on Colombian culture. I learned that in Colombia part of their culture is to respect and learn about other people’s cultures, having understandings about the culture. Also part of their culture in they have 17 official holidays that they celebrate yearly. Colombians have a high value for education. They believe that having a good education you can have a bright future. What caught my attention was the weather there. The weather is wonderful . Depending on high you are to the mountain the weather is cool or warm. If you go 1500 meters above the sea level the lowest the weather is 60 degrees and the highest is 90 degrees. In conclusion I learned a lot about Colombian values, culture, and how immigrants have had an influence on Colombian culture.

  4. RJ says:

    I visit the Colombian consulate today to learn about their culture and values

    I think that Value is the opinion, attitude and beliefs of a group of people together. People came from Colombia and learned American culture. It is like in other communities how people communicated between people from other countries. Sharing some responsibility with others. Most of their people came to America and learned American values.

    In their culture family teaches their children to learn their traditions. Children learned Spanish and practice the song,music,dance every year, which remind them about their traditions. People emigrate from Colombia to look for a better future for their family and education like university. Special holiday for them is Independence day which is July 20. Something that caught my attention is how they teach young generation about their culture. I enjoy the conversation at the Colombian consulate.

  5. JH says:

    Today we visited the Colombian Consulate at 500 N. Michigan ave. We met with the Consul General of Colombia. We learned about how Colombian culture and values had been formed from the Spanish, Africans, and the Natives of Colombia. Colombians take education extremely seriously as well as health care. Colombia has many holiday, dance, music, and food traditions. A famous dance from Colombia is called the Ballenato, it has a mix of African and Colombian influence. A very traditional food dish is called ajiaco, also known as chicken soup. The people that live in Colombia are very diverse not only in race but in the way they dress, the food they eat, and the regions they live in. One very interesting point was when we were talking about doctors and he mentioned how many doctors from Colombia became plastic surgeons. I learned a lot of interesting information at the Consulate and I had a great time.

  6. ZS says:

    This Friday our class headed to the Colombian consulate in order to learn more about Colombian culture. We learned many of the things that Colombians feel are the most important parts of life. Also, we found out many things about Colombian values. Some of the things I learned were rather shocking.

    One of the biggest focuses about Colombian culture is education. After their first wave of immigration to the U.S., many people received a college education in Colombia. After they received a college education they returned to Colombia to teach. This helped Colombia excel in education and build up a great foundation for their future.

    One of the things that I learned about Colombian culture is their immense amount of holidays. They have various holidays and festivals every month except September. September is the only month without a holiday. A new thing I learned is that they have Carnivals like Brazil yet is still overshadowed by Brazil’s.

    One of the biggest things I learned about the Colombian people is that there is an orthodox Jewish community in Colombia. As someone who studied Jewish culture for nine years, it was interesting to learn about a new population of Jews. I learned that the Jews have a small yet flourishing community in Colombia

    The thing that grabbed my attention was Peñol which is a huge scenic mountain in Colombia. This was one of the most beautiful places that I have seen in a very long time. The second I saw the picture of Peñol I immediately wished I could be transpoted there. This was a very informative field experience and I learned many things about Colombian culture.

  7. zp says:

    I had a fun time going to Consulado General de Colombia en Chicago. Something I learned about Colombian tradition is that a favorite thing to eat is chicken soup. I also learned that they value our culture as well as there own. Migration influence comes from three main places: Spanish, Africans and Pre-Colombian Indians culture. One thing I learned about Colombian people is that they relax more than we do such as taking two hours for lunch. I think that is a good thing because people should take more time for themselves. I thought that it is really interesting that some people decided to migrate away from Colombia was because of violence and to have a better future. I also learned that life in Colombia is very similar to life in America, because everyday we do the same things like go to school or work and then come home to our families. They also play sports although they play more for fun then to compete. Colombia is very open to new culture so it is easy to adapt to life there. I thought that it is really interesting that some people decided to migrate away from Colombia was because of violence and to have a better future. Also a favorite dessert is guava with cheese.

  8. henry drane says:

    Today, February 3, 2012 we visited the Colombian Consulate of Chicago and interviewed the Consulate general to get some interesting facts about Colombia. One thing about Colombian values that I learned is they value their education greatly and have a lot of holidays. They have more colleges than most other South American countries. One thing I learned about their culture and traditions is that the Europeans greatly influenced their culture and tradition when they migrated to Colombia. What I learned about how migration has influenced their traditions is that most of the migration was by the Europeans, and Africans and therefore their traditions were blended with the Colombians traditions. One thing I’ve learned about Colombian people is Colombians are predominantly Roman Catholic and are a mixture of Europeans, Africans, and Amerindians. 50% of the population of Colombian people are Mestizo also. One thing that caught my attention is the El Penol tourist attraction. It is a 200 meter high granite monolith rising from the ground and it is stunning.

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