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Exploration Library

For my independent study, in addition to transcribing poems of Fernando Pessoa, I have been studying different ways of archiving and organizing libraries. After reading related texts and visiting libraries, including the Newberry Library and the Poetry Foundation, I created my own (sadly hypothetical) library. Even once I had my plan, it was a long Read More…

The Life Of A Flank Steak

This is a project for my Food For Thought class. The purpose of this project was to write an autobiography in the first person as if we where an ingredient. In this project I learned a lot about my ingredient which was the meat from a Cuban dish (ropa vieja) also known as flank steak Read More…

Retrieve the Apple- BKJ

I did this project for my great pretender art class. The point of this project was to make a sculpture of our power animal’s movement. I learned how to have confidence in my work and how to keep trying no matter how many times I fail. Click the link below for the blueprint I used Read More…

Counterculture Shout-Out Poem by LF

For our first unit in our ‘Counterculture’ class, the assignment was to create our own shout-out or invocation poem. The project of an invocation poem usually involves calling attention to the little things, or aspects of everyday life that sometimes are purposefully ignored. This poem was the first I’ve ever written and I can truthfully Read More…

There And Back Again: Brazil

From July 2011 to June 2012, I participated in a study abroad program in Brazil. The program, American Field Service (AFS), placed me with a host family, and I spent my junior year attending a Brazilian high school. I lived in a small town called Aquidauana in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Apart Read More…

Understanding Medicine with frogs

For our global health cure course, we are examining frog organs to better understand treatments. Frog organs are very similar to human organs. For example, human and frog livers are similar. Researchers study the liver to see how humans respond to various drugs and to find cures for liver disease (Brown Med, 2012 Dissecting frogs, I learned that frogs have thick skin, three lobes on Read More…

How dare you burn this book!!

People should read the book The Golden Compass because it is a book that can put you in whole new worlds of imaginations; I wrote “imaginations” in the plural, because the main character adventures herself between world worlds, full of fantasy. From this podcast, I learned that this book’s idea of how the daemons (animal souls) Read More…

GCE “Citi Zens” are Louder than a Bomb!

Yesterday, the GCE “Citi Zens” had their 1st bout on the Louder than a Bomb event in Chicago, the biggest poetry slam in the world. It is the first time GCE joins the event and we are so inspired and thrilled about it! By the way, we got a few TENS! Watch our group poem Read More…

How Do We Define Systems and Models? (by LT)

In order to understand how to think about scientific processes and theories, we need to be able to know how to organize. In my Organizational Systems and Models, we created examples of how organization tactics work as a flow chart … Continue reading

Save The Mountains – Protest Song by LN & GF

The purpose of this piece was to choose a problem that is going on now in my community and to protest this problem through a poem or a song. I chose topsoil removal and conflict minerals, because they are everything: … Continue reading

Short Movie for Porcelain Home, by EP

I saw the element of change to be very important in connecting the Kabuki music with Japanese history; so, I wanted to make a video that captured the idea of harsh changes. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki came to mind when I thought of difficult times in Japan, and, by then, I had already [...]

Connecting Pow Wow to Burundi, by LN

I chose to study the rhythm Pow Wow to understand how it feels when you gather with people to get more connected. Every single element of Pow Wow is very important, because if one is missing, the others wouldn’t exist. … Continue reading

My Trip to Story Telling, by MML

The following project expresses my feelings at 12 stops, on 5 CTA trains, while an EKG-like pulse measures my experiences and conveys my Vitalogies: Stories for Life. The following project connects my journey in story ( The Adventures of Shed #12) to my GCE Chicago High School Field Experience, Vitalogies class trip aboard a CTA [...]

Understanding What We See, by LT

Crimes Against Humanity is a course that not only goes into the historical aspect of culture, but it also sheds light on what can be done for future societies. It is as if we are looking at problems to figure … Continue reading

Uprooted Sonnet for Wangari, by Carlos Pittella-Leite

Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement, passed away yesterday, but what did not pass away were the 40 million trees in Africa rooted on her inspiration. Since I first opened her Unbowed Autobiography, I wanted to meet Dr. Wangari. Unbelievably, somehow she “met” me first, on one of the happiest humblings of my [...]

Why do I attend GCE? (by HP)

Running_With_the_Bulls1 Above is a powerpoint I made, click to download. Why do I attend GCE? I get asked that a lot after telling people that I went to school in a basement with fifteen other kids last year. It’s often really hard to explain as you really have to spend a week here to really [...]

The Look of a Neighborhood, by EP

Pilsen View more presentations from epatlan. The people who control the look of a neighborhood and the messages that are conveyed are the members of the community. Although higher powers can attempt to gentrify a neighborhood, ultimately the people who live there have the control. The members can either take the initiative to give an [...]

Why am I at GCE? (by EP)

La Corrida View more presentations from epatlan. “Imagination is the highest accomplishment of consciousness and the highest accomplishment of imagination is empathy.” – Dean Young In Crimes Against Humanity, we looked at Picasso’s eleven developments of a bull. As an aficionado of art, my honest opinion is that the first bull was my least favorite. [...]