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Tears of Water…

In our Global RAP class we created a protest song about an issue we felt was very forgotten and dangerous. I decided to talk about the pollution in Paraguay and how it is slowly destroying the whole country. Some places have no money to afford garbage dumps, so they are forced to dump items into the river — which supplies Paraguayans fresh water; now, this whole country is slowly dying of toxic water. Nobody has helped them out in any way. It’s slowly creeping into other regions around Paraguay and continues to spread all through their clean waters. Coming from Paraguay, I’ve seen the conditions people live in: already with a struggle for food, now there’s the struggle with water & food, considering that water toxics spread to the food as well. We need to stop this before it is too late. I hope you enjoy my Protest Song…

The tide now hides
It’s dirty and half its original size
The citizens stand there and cry
Ground becomes too dry
It spreads to the food
Toxic and dangerous

Damage is done,

Their tears fall, like rain
The only freshwater they have to claim
Comes from their skies

Damage is done,
So instead they dream

They will try to pray it away
The poisons will creep into their bodies
Giving them only one more day.
She creeps down the throats of her nation
She seeps into them, and slowly makes them her prey.

Damage is done,
So instead they dream

The Children have no energy to play
The water and the food will be gone, they say
With the lack of money to pay
They can’t help the water stay clean
Not today, no way

Nor can they help the food grow green.
So instead they dream
So instead they dream

Damage is done,

They have nothing left to give.
No food, no Water
How will they live?

Damage is done,

They are forgotten
their souls belong to the wind.
Never to be heard of again.
They all lay dead in rain.
Finally with out any pain.

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