By HD • • 31 Aug 2011

About me

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. I have thankfully lived in the same house in Albany park my entire life. Since my neighborhood is so diverse I like to think that GCE is a good fit, seeing that it’s such a diverse school. I first attended Lincoln Park highschool as a freshman but soon found it to be not the right school for me. Since then I have spent the previous two years at GCE and I’m about to finish up my final third year here as well. I don’t know exactly what college I will attend yet but I do know what I want to major in. It’s called¬†National¬†Outdoor leadership!¬†I’m hoping to have a job in the outdoors, helping people anyway I can.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because here the social stigma behind highschool and making friends or becoming popular is gone. It’s built upon the ideas of treating everyone with respect. No one likes everyone, but here we all still treat eachother with respect. You can be comfortable and not have to worry about having something stolen from you. Just today, I left my wallet sitting on the couch and someone brought it back to me for example. Your relationship with every student and teacher here is like no other. The way GCE approaches educating high school students is much more appealing than any old public school. Your freedom and right to have your voice heard in this school is such an inspiring thing. It has made me into a genuinely better person and improved the way I approach challenges I may face in life. As well as how I interact with my fellow peers.

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