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Ubi Investment Pitch

May 30, 2014 in Enterprise by JH

For my final Action Project in Enterprise we were tasked with pitching the business that we created in the past Unit. I did this by drafting a shorter version of my executive summary located in my original business plan. It was difficult to set up the pitch in a way that had good flow and still covered the massive amount of  information. My favorite part was setting up a script that flowed well and that would interest potential investors. If you’d like to view my project from last unit, which was creating a business plan click this linkIf you’d like to see my pitch for my company Ubi view it below!

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Ubi Coming Soon To Chicago!

May 22, 2014 in Enterprise by JH

For my second to last action project in Enterprise we were tasked with creating a Business and completing a Business Plan, our hardest assignment yet. This has been one of the most rewarding yet difficult tasks to take on at GCE as far as action projects go, and was also one of my favorites. I created a company named Ubi, which is an iPhone repair company. I talked with wholesale technology companies as well as competing iPhone repair companies during my process of creating a business. It’s been a long process and has turned out really well. If you’d like to read through my business plan, or invest in my idea read below!

Click here for a more in-depth look.

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12 Hours of Photography

May 12, 2014 in Enterprise by JH

For my Second Action Project in Endurance, an integrated English and History course we were tasked with spending 12 hours to practice a skill or talent. I chose to practice a skill I was once interested in, photography. I started by borrowing a friend’s Nikon D5000 to take photos, I then started learning how to use Adobe Lightroom 5, a professional photo editing program. The goal of this project was to be able to enhance my photography skills so that I can become a better storyteller. During this project I went on about six different photoshoots and encountered multiple different problems that each have helped me learn something new. I faced problems such as weather and temperature, event closures, and camera quality. Each problem has helped given me a new prospective on how to plan for a photoshoot. I’ve learned that trying to follow a strict agenda while doing photography can prove to be very difficult because of the vast amount of moving parts that you have no control over. Parts such as weather and temperature, building and road closures, and issues with models that you planned on shooting. From this experience I have learned to put more thought into setting up a photoshoot, checking the weather forecasts as well as scouting the area a day before are nearly essential, checking in with the model the day before to confirm is equally important as well. This project has significantly helped my photography skills as I’ve been forced to invest a large amount of time into it and have been diligently practicing my photo taking and editing skills. I’ve even worked to create my own personal resume for my photos which can be found at I’m extremely proud of how my project has turned out and I’m excited to continue practicing photography in the future. If you’d like to see  my photography you can visit my website, and if you’d like to see my process through this project watch the video below.

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Enterprise Test

April 23, 2014 in Enterprise by JH

For our first Action Project we were given a test to recap the first Unit to test our knowledge and understanding of what we’ve learned so far. This first unit has helped us to create a baseline understanding of how to create a company as we transition into starting our own company in the next two units. In this term I’ve researched companies like Zappos, Apple, and Geneva Investment Management in order to get an understanding of businesses that do things different and are extremely successful. I’m excited to go through the process of creating a business plan as some day I would like to start a business of my own. Getting some experience on how to start a company is a vital component to my future success as an entrepreneur.

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Homework Help Prototype App

February 24, 2014 in Math & Science, User Experience Design (UXD) by JH

We are trying to equip students with a tool that will allow them to excel in school. This tool, or App, will give students the ability to easily create a schedule to keep track of homework assignments. The current problem facing students is that they are sometimes unable to keep track of all their homework assignments, and have trouble staying on track or keeping a strict schedule. This App gives them the tools necessary to achieve their academic goals by allowing them to track homework due dates and adjust how much of an assignment has been completed on the fly. After talking with teenaged students, we found that 90% of them would use an App that could help them to keep track of their homework. 80% of students currently keep track of their homework in a tangible notebook. We envision switching away from the tangible notebook as a way to keep track of homework to homework tracking in a digital environment, where students can remotely access their homework assignments and share what is due with their peers.


Lily B, Junior at GCE Chicago

Bio: Lily almost always completes her homework on time, and on the off chance that she does not, it is due to a communication breakdown in terms of what the teacher assigned and what she writes down. She currently looks at all her homework assignments online, but would be willing to using an App to help track her homework if it was significantly better, easier and made doing homework more organized.

Goals: Lily would like to never miss another homework assignment due to miscommunication. She currently spends around two hours a night on homework, but thinks she could reduce that time if she had a stricter, more organized schedule.

Frustrations: Lily is frustrated with her inability to plan ahead and create a schedule. Currently, all of her homework assignments are written down in an online notepad, which does not allow her to plan ahead or put assignments or schedules into a calendar. Lily would like to have a structured schedule so she can find time to do her homework in her busy daily life.

Design Principles

-Organize homework assignments

-Simple to use

-Easy Contact with teachers with questions about homework


-List homework and due date in a spreadsheet format

-Prioritize assignments with rankings with 1-5 stars

-Show progress with percentages

-Give details of each assignment

– Ability to E-mail teachers quickly and efficiently

Usability Test

The users liked the App a lot. Darrion, Abdul and Mateo tested our prototype, and thought this app would be very useful. They were a bit upset that it wasn’t actually an app. These students typically forget some of their homework assignments that is why I tested this prototype on them. They said it was easy, straight to the point and had very good features. The only thing they would add was the ability to connect with teachers more easily, so we added that feature to our prototype.


This App solves our problem by allowing teachers to place their homework into it through the computer. They log into the app and place homework into the calendar. When a student signs in, they can see their class schedule with their current homework assignments. The teachers can add due dates, details and other vital information about the assignments. The student can click on the assignment, and can see everything the teacher has posted. Finally, students can e-mail their teachers from the assignment details page if communication is necessary.

This is our app

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Helping Students Do Homework

February 12, 2014 in Math & Science, User Experience Design (UXD) by JH

For my second Action Project in UXD (User Experience Design), we were tasked with improving something that teens often have trouble with. We conducted ten interview on teens in relation to homework, a major problem among teens. We had an overwhelming response around how difficult it is to track and stay on top of their homework loads. For this project we researched multiple other homework apps to figure out what features are most used to be able to incorporate all of those into a single app. We made a total of five designs and through our process we narrowed down what features were absolutely necessary and ended up with a great final design. If you would like to view the presentation we made, keep on reading below!

by JH

Woes of the College Banking Experience

January 23, 2014 in User Experience Design (UXD) by JH

For my first Action Project in User Experience Design (UXD), a class about thinking about the user while developing products. We were tasked with finding a solution to a problem in the college banking experience. My group created a powerpoint on how to streamline the process behind budgeting and tracking spending. I’ve learned a lot about how to create a product or tool for a specific audience and have gotten a brief overview of what the steps are that go into creating something. The most difficult part of this project was having to go out and interview random college students on the street. Myself and my group members ended up getting around 30 interviews and were able to come to a clear conclusion about what we wanted to do. If you would like to see our final product, don’t hesitate to check out our issuu down below!

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Fifty Thousand Reasons to Invest

October 9, 2013 in Econ by JH

For my second Action Project in Econ our goal was to invest!  We were given $50,000 and a list of seven blue chip companies to chose from.  We then had to create investment reports, and investment portfolios.  This is one of the most difficult and rewarding action projects I have ever worked on.  I had a really great time researching all of the different companies and thinking about these huge corporations from the eye of an investor.  I got to learn about companies I would otherwise never have known about. Being shown about investing at such a young age gives me a great opportunity that a lot of other students don’t get.  The most difficult part for me was trying to find the best company that will make me loads of money with little to no risk.  I quickly learned that no such thing existed, and that high rewards almost always go with high risk.  We took a test to find out if we were risk adverse or if we were risk takers. I would suggest a project like this to anyone, as learning about the stock market is such a crucial part of the economy that I would have otherwise never known about or been interested in.  During this project we went to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and met with a retired trader, and even met with an executive at the extremely successful private company Guggenheim.  If you would like to see what I have learned from this process, or start working on your own investment portfolio make sure to check out my work below, I think you’ll like it!