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  • Ziduvodine in the United States

    Ziduvodine in the United States

    In my cure class, we did a poster that helps us understand how and why do the symbols and languages of chemistry help us find […]

  • UIC Biological Science Dept.

    UIC Biological Science Dept.

    For global health cure course, we went to the UIC bio lab to extend our learning for the global health cure class course. We went […]

  • DAM Hip Hop monologue milestone 1

    Dam Palestinian hip hop group are these people that always speak up for their rights and for other people’s rights. They are not afraid of anything; they […]

  • Zidovudine- milestone1

    Zidovudine- milestone1

    Why do scientists  build 3-D molecule to understand certain medicine? In our global health Cure class, we built our own 3-D molecule of different types of medicine. My molecule […]