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  • Milestone Four: Body Politic

    Milestone Four: Body Politic

    The community I chose was Syria. I chose Syria because it means a lot to me. I lived there half of my life. I have had touched the […]

  • Gender Equality: Conversation MY

    Gender Equality: Conversation MY

    For our Milestone Four we had to structure a conversation. I showed a video that shows my guiding question clearly. With that I asked open […]

  • My Drama Dialogue

    My Drama Dialogue

    My characters are Gloria Steinem, Kate, and Betty from the movie “Not without my daughter”. In the dialogue Gloria will be speaking about women’s rights […]

  • DAM Hip Hop monologue milestone 1

    Dam Palestinian hip hop group are these people that always speak up for their rights and for other people’s rights. They are not afraid of anything; they […]