About Me

By sm • • 9 Jan 2012

About me

I have been a student at GCE for nearly 2 years, and I consider myself a veteran. I enjoy sports, helping people, and the mythical legend that is LeBron James. I am the founder of the GCE Outdoors Club, a group that has ventured to four different trips to places such as Devils Lake and the Indiana Dunes. This past summer I worked at Rimland Services supporting and spending time with severely autistic adults. This served as a life changing experience, and the field of special education and psychology is something I wish to take with me to college and beyond.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE without knowing the wonderful opportunities it would give me in the future. I chose GCE after having some struggles in public school. After visiting, I could tell I enjoyed the different outlook on education and treating students. What I didn’t know is how inviting the community would be, and how much fun the experience is. I look to take the lessons I’ve learned at GCE (C2?) or whatever it’s called by the time you read this, with me wherever I go in the future.

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