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Milestone 2: Poem on Women

This poem was written in response to MDGs 3 and 5, which are about women’s equality. I wanted to show my frustration with how women are treated in today’s society, which is completely out of sinc with our modern world.



Why is that such a loaded word?

Why, when we say it, do we think of

More girls than ever with eating disorders?

and only 17% of Congress?

and the tabloid lives of Kim Kardashian and Lindsey Lohan?

Why don’t we think of empowerment?

Our mothers

and grandmothers

fought to vote

yet more women than ever

feel as though they have lost their voice

that they are powerless

Why is our worth measured by the size of our boobs

and how flat our stomachs are?

I don’t know.

Maybe men are afraid of us

Maybe they don’t want to admit

that we have power over them

But we do.

We are strong

and smart

and truly, truly beautiful.