Category: Disease

  • Why do we use math to model diseases?

    In my disease class, we were working to discover why we use the math equation R=L/A to solve diseases. Here is my prezi presentation below […]



    We went to the DNA lab to talk to a scientist and learn about DNA.We were also trying to find out how DNA relates to […]

  • Why DFTD spread in Australia?

    For my disease class, I looked at why DFTD spread in Australia. Tasmanian Devils are susceptible to DFTD The Tasmanian devil is one of the […]

  • Why people are susceptible to disease?

    The purpose of this milestone was to figure out why people are susceptible to certain diseases. I picked Botulism to identify its global effects.

  • Why does a system have a life span ?

    Milestone 1 on Prezi