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  • Milestone Four Body Politic

    In our drama class our fourth milestone was to create and define our body politic. To create a body politic you had to pick a […]

  • Milestone Four GCE Talk ZP

    For our GCE global health cure class, we created a video about why the United Nations combat diseases. My group made a talk show. Please […]

  • Gender Equality: Conversation

    In our GCE Drama class our milestone 3 was to structure a conversation for the class to participate in. Our topic had to be about […]

  • Healthcare News Report ZP

    For my global health cure class, we created news reports. In our news reports we included two interviews.  We did this to understand if everyone […]

  • Understanding Medicine with Frogs

    Understanding Medicine with Frogs

    For our global health cure class, we are examining organs to better understand treatments. We dissected frogs to get a better look at what organs look like. […]

  • FE Orbit Media

    For our GCE Catalyst class we took a field trip to Orbit Media. Orbit Media is a company that creates web sites for other companies. […]

  • UIC Biological Science Dept.

    UIC Biological Science Dept.

    In my the global cure class, the students took a field trip to the UIC bio lab to learn more about global health. They went […]