1984 and Brave New Word Focus Notes

The utopian societies in both these novels focus on oppression but in different ways. Firstly, in Brave New World the body of government’s focal point of its oppression is putting on the facade that the citizens are happy. Secondly, in 1984 the government focuses on the fact that the oppression is the only way to achieve this “utopia” when in reality the government is using fear to make the citizens agree with this form of government. Lastly, both governments always remind the citizens of the upside to having an oppressive government.

In Brave New World the government acts as if it is there to only please their citizens. Whether it’s via soma or just basically denying the truth of their situations the citizens refuse to admit the flaws in their society. Soma is a substance that resembles modern day drugs but its basic purpose is to put the citizens in mind-numbing ecstasy. These habits and coping mechanisms were all instituted by the government in order to coax the citizens into believing that the government is what is best for their society.

In 1984 the government is the cliché super authoritative government. The government clearly governs through fear. Whether it is the intrusive cameras or the intimidating government buildings it is a clear-cut example of a government trying to invoke fear in the citizens in order to make them comply. This is a different but just as effective form of government as in Brave New World.

In both these novels and their respective forms of government there is some type of masked oppression. They way they maintain the masquerade of a perfect society is by constantly reminding their citizens of the perfection of their societies. In Brave New World they use system in which they are subliminal messages in pre-birth and then they also have subliminal announcements throughout the day. In 1984 there are messaged played on all the citizens televisions every morning. These systems allow the governments to maintain a constant state of blind obedience and oppression.

In summation, in these novels there is a common theme, which is oppression but the way these ideologies come to fruition are very different. Firstly, in A Brave New World the government oppresses by having its citizens fed subliminal messages while keeping them in a drug induced oblivion. Secondly, in 1984 the government works on a system of fear and intimidation. Lastly, the way these governments maintains this obedience is through constant reminders of the societal “perfection”.  The confusion arises as to why were these methods so affective?