House in Brazil made of recycled all-kind ex-trash fragments

Inside view of Flower House; São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil

Recently I visited a house in Brazil
totally made by fragments;
the ‘Flower House’:
all its fragments compose flower-mandala images,
hence its name.
Started in 1923
with a single broken piece of brick,
it grew
fragment by fragment,
into a house.
It took 70 years to become itself.
The builder, a single Homo sapiens,
said the house was made
not with bricks, not with trash, not with fragments…
but with dreams.
He inhabited his own dreams
and welcomed others to visit it.
Today we started writing the general communication plan of GCE
adding fragments of bricks
to build something that will be like a home to us,
but that still doesn’t look like it.
We know our dreams.
We have hands.
We are building.
The house is a question of time.

Image of Bromelia made of Ex-trash fragments

Bromelia made of ex-trash fragments; Flower House, Brazil

The dream wall of the Flower House

A living wall transforming particles into a system