Greetings! I’m glad you are interested in GCE and digging into the site a bit deeper to get to know us. The first four days together as a team have been brimming with energy, ideas and solid strategizing. A huge adavntage to GCE’s model is allowing arenas for collective wisdom of the whole team when planning infrastructures. Eric has brought together a highly creative group of folks with wide range of experience and deep expertise in specific areas. As we’ve investigated options for internal communication systems, we’ve also been thinking about how to best communicate with our broader community-including you!

Once school begins in September our site will host a huge amount of publicly accessible student and teacher generated text and media. In the meanwhile, we’d like your feedback on this site and our print material if you have seen them.  What is most exciting to you? What is not clear or missing? Can you imagine your teen studying this way? Do you wish you could go back and do high school in the GCE model?

We are still enrolling students and have available aid for the 2010-11 school year. If you would like to learn more, have potential students or partners in mind, or feel inspired to help us in any way please get in touch.