On August 12th,  i lead Circle and a guided imagery meditation session with my cohorts. i was inspired to lead a circle after we had someone come in the week prior to lead Circle.  Initially upon my decision to lead Circle i was very excited and filled with potentiality . All the things i could bring into Circle danced in my head. Visions of journeys of self-discovery and enlightenment motivated me and filled me with joy. As i carefully planned and picked my activities my anxiety began to slowly grow. i realized that my peers had not openly volunteered to participate in what i was planning. They had no idea of what i was planning – chanting, shamanic journeying, meditation and so forth. The morning before i was to lead Circle i rethought my plan and changed it to a simple guided imagery of a day at the beach and kept the chanting piece in. The guided imagery felt a little awkward as i relied on reading a script and not my own creation. In the end i was pleased with the results. i believe my intention  to expose my peers to different ways of being “still” of “connecting with self” in order to mindfully bring our unique creative selves into the group – as a gift or offering – came through. Chanting can be a wonderful harmonizing instrument enhancing our ability to tap into our unique rhythms and make music cohesively as a group. i  learned a great deal about my self and my peers. My passion and mission for cultural awareness and curiosity pushes me to push others. i forget that not everyone feels safe to push comfort levels and try new things. Being culturally mindful also means being patience and mindful of each individual’s pace.

i am so proud of my cohort at GCE – for allowing me to introduce chanting and trusting me enough to participate. i remember chanting the first time i tried it. i felt so conscious of my “bad” singing skills, or lack there of and felt silly to be chanting in a circle with strangers and friends. So thank you GCE crew for singing your song and surrendering yourselves to a walk on the beach.

Chants of Tibet: Om Mani Padme Hum

Here is a YouTube video of  a Tibetan chant. Enjoy!