After a month training,
we had the Open Night of GCE, our school.

Some time to breath, little to think, zero to write
and that’s why these words are delayed.

What did I experience?
What did I expect?
How did my sense of GCE changed?

I felt the time was passing too fast to meet everyone at the Open House,
which actually means
I felt we truly have a community beyond
not only my expectations,
but also beyond anything I could try to manage,
which actually means
I felt we have something way beyong myself
which is real,
at least as real as my work on GCE so far,
with sleepless nights,
sweat and fatigue for participating in the building of a school.
which turned out to be a bargain:

we planted a school
and harvested a community.

I also felt surprised with so much interest in Cultural Awareness
and with how much it takes to actually explain what it means to me.
I had at least two 30min conversation about it with one GCE advisor
going through the curriculum while the advisor showered questions on me.

Happily, it was good rain
and my perspection of Cultural Awareness is cleaner,

like Chicago after a summer storm.