I had a wonderful evening meeting students, parents, community members and supporters of GCE and its mission. i truly felt blessed and appreciative of so much acceptance and yearning for reform. It dawned on me that what i was a part of was much bigger than GCE. There is a much bigger force moving, guiding and protecting us.  We are beginning a movement…a movement that is long overdue, and that so many are hungry for. We are attempting to redefine how education is delivered; effectively in a relevant manner.  Although i am humbly aware of how little i know simultaneously i trust that all i need is within me, my cohort at GCE and our community.  Thanks to everyone that was able to come out and support us. It was wonderful to see your smiles and hear your warm wishes for my/our future at GCE. And thanks to all of you who were not there but have and will continue to support us in so many capacities. i/we are truly blessed…GRACIAS.