Connecting - Mind Map

Connecting is the title for the Cultural Awareness course in the Fall of 2010.
In its preparatory week, we asked:
– What does connection mean…?

To experience an answer, we did an activity inspired by
the Travelling School of Life (TSoL):
we asked each student and teacher to write in post-its:
3 things he/she would like to teach (green/blue post-its)
and 3 things he/she would like to learn (pink post-its).

The result is an educational community.
Below you may see our post-it map of connections
and on the top of tis post the MindMap translation I did using FreeMind software.

TSoL - Network

In numbers, here is a simple
Recipe for an Educational Community

(15 students + 6 teachers) x (3 things to teach + 3 things to learn)
= 126 dreams of education
= 125 + 124 + 123 + … + 3 + 2 + 1 possibilities of connection.