LN and JH led a class on blogging today.  We were asked to write about our favorite animal and to post some pictures.


your legs long, ears big

dik-dik, you remind me of

a dog, i loved once

The dik-dik is a small antelope that lives in the bushes of East Africa, Angola, Namibia.  The dik-dik stands about 12-16 inches tall at the shoulder, 20-28 inches long, and weighs about 7-16 pounds.  The dik-dik can live up to 10 years.

Dik-diks are named for the alarm call of the females that make a dik-dik or zik-zik sound.

Dik-diks are herbivores eating mostly foliage, shoots, berries, and fruits.  In fact, their heads are shaped especially to fit in between the spikes of the Acacia trees to eat its leaves.  Its long neck gives the dik-dik the ability to eat and keep their heads high to look out for predators.