soul [noun] : a person’s total self; the moral and emotional nature of human beings; spiritual or moral force; the spiritual principle embodiment of human beings, all spiritual and rational beings, or the universe.

Looking through a great book that CL showed me, I was inspired to lead a class on the word SOUL.  We spent some time talking about different meanings of SOUL and different reasons for why the SOUL is important or unimportant.  I challenged everyone to draw an image that represents their SOUL.

This image represents my soul that is constantly growing and changing as I learn and go through different experiences.  These experiences may influence my soul in a good or bad way, but the core of my soul is transmitting love, passion, and compassion.

SS’s soul

HP’s soul

MM’s soul

ZS’s soul

RG’s soul

CL’s soul

MML’s soul

JH’s soul

CO’s soul

HT’s soul

LN’s soul

DN’s soul

We thought about religion, spirits, ghosts, good, bad, heaven, hell.  We asked do souls exists, what and who has a soul, how are souls different than identities, are souls developed or given to us at birth, if you were to trade your soul would you have one of a baby or an old man?

Share an image of what you think your SOUL looks like.