Last Friday we visited the Mayne Stage theatre, to explore and understand the Water and Trash systems of a sustainable environment.

The Mayne Stage Theatre, originally the Morse Theatre, opened in 1912 as a nicklelodeon and has gone through many incarnations – a furniture warehouse, an independent cinema house (with air conditioning!), a synagogue and an abandoned wreck. Today, it is a LEED certified project, with state-of-art green technology.

We had the opportunity to visit the space with a special tour to the roof, as you may see in the pictures below.

But before the pictures, a reflection:

Both economy and ecology have the root “eco”, which means house. Therefore, the words are related: economy, the management (nomy) of the house, can be seen as a branch of ecology, the study (logy) of the house.

The Mayne Theatre proves that it is possible to manage the house (the theatre) and the House (the Earth) while still profitting: actually, really profitting, since being sustainable means sustaining also the profit — and feeling good at night for doing a global House-keeping. :)