I am from Congo because I was born in the Congo. When I was about 10 years old I learned where I come from. I learned that my ancestors come from Burundi and my mom born in there too. There favorite foods are meat and rice. Part of my culture is soccer is the most known sport in my country.

The bad refugee camp is that we hadn’t have right to go any where.
Some times I didn’t play around a lot because I was so sick and I wasn’t strong enough to play only running. The rude person was I’ve seeing was my cousin, he was one year older than me and strong like a wrestler. Most of my friend moved before I came in United States.
It was so boring because I had to play with my self.

All the walls in Tanzania were brown because we use dirt to build a house we lived on. They smelled like an apple and sometimes I used to not wear shirt because it were to hot and humid.
I had not to wear a shirt or T-shirt because I could have tire a lot.
I ran a lot but not have strength.