Black is the color of mystery
To some, the color of misery
For some reason i don’t know why, we are always relating this color to sad and bad things.
We dress in black for funerals or when we want to represent evil creatures on Halloween.
I see the color black as freedom
No one can see into it or through it and so it reveals itself to no one.
So it safe in itself and it cant be touched
Its the king of shade
of darkness
The Dark Knight if you will

It’s a term used to describe the African American race and people like them.
it’s the color they associated with slaves that descended from Africa
its the color of the keyboard that i type these words on right now
its the color of this entire computer

Black is the color of the night sky when there are no lights to brighten the dark
Black, the color of a horse i love named Josie who had torretts so i never dared to get on her back except for once and after that one time where i was so scared i was shaking, because she bucked people off, i never did get the chance to get back on and try again.
Black is that color that goes perfectly with every other color, except brown, so Ive been told.
Black and brown made Jesus frown huh?
it’s the color that is on my flag along with yellow and green
no red that for the Rastafarian flag. Did you know that, or did you just think that the Jamaican flag was red yellow black and green. Its not!
My kitty Cocoa is black, hes grown up to look so much more like a panther than an actual cat and he loves to hide in my plants and act like hes spying or about to hunt so i don’t know whats up with that but whatever.

Brown is the color of these boots that i saw that i think will go perfect with my black
Its the color of my eyes. They become a lighter shade of brown in the light and they look so cool so i was think that id just get a pair of contacts so i could have that color brown all the time.
Brown is not really a color that i like, i mean i do like it but not really, i like the darker shades of it like not too dark though, like my skin tone and tan. i think when it’s too dark and it’s beginning to turn black its looks like crap so ill pass on that shade of brown.
Brown is the color of my skin tone. it’s not a light enough brown so that I’m considered a halfa like my sister, but its not SUPER dark either. idk i like it, its the perfect shade for me. The only thing i don’t like is that in the summer i tan and then it takes me forever to get back to normal so id be two different shades for like months but in the winter i go back to my normal skin and I’m completely even which is a plus for me because i hate being multicolored cause even though no one else can probably notice i can and i guess my thoughts are the only ones that really matter.To me at least.