Like every Friday, we were out of GCE and exploring, learning…

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and we focused on three aspects: Climate Matters, Smart Home: Green + Wired and “Explore the White City: The World’s Fair Simulation”. there were so many things to see, touch, participate, learn, etc., but I would like students to share with you what their experience was like, what they learned.

Students, please take a moment to answer the following questions and share with us you experience.

Primera Parte: Climate Matters:

Can you describe three things you didn’t know, three things you learned about our first exhibition?

Segunda Parte: Smart Home

What was your favorite part of this Smart Home? Why do you think they name this home “Smart” ?

Tercera Parte: Explore the White City

After watching the 1893 World’s Fair Simulation, which are your favorite parts, aspects, or buildings? What did you learn?

Muchas Gracias!!