The GCE students reflected on our 1st Cultural Awareness term,
in which Connecting was our theme and challenge.

Here you are an anonymous and edited compilation of the feedback,
following two prompts…

If you are a GCE student, please feel free to add any other reflections as comments
– and let me know if at any point I didn’t keep the spirit of what you said in this edited compilation.

My biggest lesson was…

  • that everything has connections
  • when I had to guess the materials of Chris Jordan’s work
  • the zoom in/out pictures (about Perspectives)
  • the Agua and Inyabarega projects, figuring it out without a worksheet
  • the Falling Whistles Field Experience
  • the conflict in Congo and that there is more than just “sensationalized” issues on the news
  • when we taught the class
  • about village/community, because I learned that we all have to communicate in order to know what is going on
  • the 5th element project, about community
  • vocabulary
  • how we go to the front of people to teach something and we can learn
  • that openness is the key to happiness; I learned to accept things on a bigger scale

I would like…

  • to learn more about connections to other cultures;
  • to learn more about cultures in other countries, because it makes me feel like I know the country
  • to develop further the study of Chris Jordan’s work on perspectives
  • to try new things
  • to actually take action with the work we did
  • more current events, like Iran’s conflict
  • to learn more about what’s happening in America and Cuba
  • to change the time, so we have more time to work on our projects
  • more projects and activities where we present/perform