Holiday Sonnet 2010

         I’m bored insomnia coffee chocolate plane
         I’m boarded on a flight delayed by snow
         flakes that delay me but rush war in Seoul,
         the United Nations mourn the warns in vain.

         And I am born in clouds, a smoking crow
         preluding Christmas & Cold War, my veins
         flow with the same equations of this plane,
         also Korean winds in my heart blow.

         And I don’t want to solve them anymore,
         the equations that would burst a war the same
         as nuclear power did, therefore I am

         bored, since the Math is beautifully insane
         as the crow smoking clouds, the prophet snow,
         the flake melting its symmetries I am.

Carlos Pittella-Leite,
very late plane from Cincinatti to Paris,
20th December 2010.