This poem was the first poem I created while in Global RAP (Rhythm and Poetry). I made a poem defining what I thought poetry was. The first time I wrote it, I felt like I put a lot into it, but it didn’t feel complete. After going home and working on it some more, I created something that felt final and complete and that I was confident presenting.

Poetry is…

         A story

A key to the soul as a gift of harmony


                                    Poetry is…

An expression of life


                  A window



Into the world you know

And the one you don’t

Poetry is…

Easy to come by but hard to find


Only found if you’re listening


         It captures the mind, one rhyme at a time as it moves from line to
line verse to verse caught in the words of the writer

Or should I say the conversationalist



Poetry is an outlet

A door for every emotion in the body mind soul                                              heart




a key in the ignition to freedom

to go                           press
start like to the engine in a Beemer



is like the Rastafari

         beatin on their drum drums and enjoyin’ their life

                           Poetry is to stop

poetry is to go

         it’s up…it’s down

it’s fast…it sloooooooow

Poetry is eternal

its life is lived long

so when the poets heart stops







The poem bleeds on