The purpose of this piece is to share with you my first poem for Rhythm and Poetry class. I wrote this poem even though I didn’t know how to respond to the poetry in class. I want to include this particular piece in my portfolio because it was hard for me start writing the poem. When I write down one word in my paper then I don’t have to think what to write next word. This poem makes me proud because when I am writing I don’t think it is good but after I finish and I read it and all my classmates loved it. I learned that poetry didn’t have to start or end, read or act but THE WAY YOU ARE THINKING IS THE WAY OF POETRY.

I’m no like the other…
Like the Sky and the Earth
Like the Day and the Night
Like the Light and the Dark
I’m wet when the other is dry
Sometimes I fly around the World
Sometimes I just stay like one who is in Jail
some day
I will act like the other
talk like the other
and I will have my life
like the other’s
and I will live Eternity
not my body
my name with my soul..