The purpose of this piece is to let others know what’s going on in our community.
I include this poem because we (African Americans) want people to know we are neither fighting, nor doing drugs.
We are here to help and having fun.
This piece makes me
proud because I let other
people know a little about our
team, so maybe they can respect us.
I learn that our community worked really well and we are so proud of ourselves.


from the girls of AYSO

we would like you to know we are not fighters
we are all part of AYSO
we were born in different countries

we all wear blue and red but are not part of a gang
we do have a family
our family worries about us
our family doesn’t want us to take drugs or smoke

we are not stupid
we are not annoying
we are not violent
we are not lazy

we would like you to know we are not what people think we are
we are helpers
we respect everyone
we all are African Americans