The purpose of this piece was to share with GCE students and teachers where I come from.
I included this particular piece in my portfolio because I am proud to present it to my colleagues and teachers.
This piece makes me proud because I learned more about my country.

The WHERE I’M FROM Template

I am from Tanzania, from Kilimanjaro mountain and music

I am from the games of sport.

I am from the dadgeball and soccer some time I play bask ball and I am good player bask ball, the high school Sullivan.

I am from Father and Mother, from my grandmother and grandfather and all my family.

I am from the pizza and beans.

From toys and Barbie

I am from all my friends from Tanzania and Chicago.

I’m from 13 years old, to eat rice and chicken.

From the lovely story, the movies, and my story.

I am from Catholic Church for God.