Food has been apart of my life for along time. Actually when I hear the word food I think of my grandma. When I was little kid my grandma used to babysit me. Every time I would go over to her tall green window apartment she would always have a certain dish out waiting for me. That usual dish is soup. But one day that soup was not waiting for me at its usual spot on the table. As my mom took me upstairs in the elevator to the apartment, I see my grandfather sitting on the couch watching tv. That did not really surprise me because every time I walk in, he is usually doing that. But the one odd thing that I did not see is my grandmother serving me the soup.

The purpose of this piece is to tell you, the audience what I used to eat when I was a little and how it tied in with my family. I feel like I can share it because i love to write family memories and I feel this particullar peice stood out to me. It makes me proud because it takes me back to not only my family but to food that I used to eat, and still eat today. I realize all the different food I used to eat from cheeseburgers to family puerto rican food.