The purpose of this piece is to remember that is very difficult to define “What Is Poetry to Me.”
I want to include this piece in my portfolio because this poem shows me what is a poem
to me, so I am able to write a future poem for my Global RAP course.
This poem makes me proud because it is very deep to me, very meaningful for someone
who likes me. To become like this I rewrote it many times.
I learned many lessons from this poem, because before I wrote it I could not understand clearly
what is Poetry for me. I hope You like it too..

Poetry is for someone who is
losing the most important thing in life
like having my father in jail for eight months
because he didn’t have a passport and needed to work
and he was just coming back home.

Poetry is for someone who doesn’t have a heart
like a starving wolf
someone who thinks like a donkey
someone who loves like a hawk.

Poetry is for someone who has a hard mind like a worm.

Poetry is for someone who can understand others
like oneself.

Poetry is for someone who cannot
read by mouth
but by heart.

Poetry is for someone who will
after reading.

Writing poetry is as hard as writing
the words on a whiteboard with white
and breathing on a paper is as hard as
breathing underwater.

Poetry does not speak by mouth
but only from the bottom of your heart
like when a baby sees MOM coming..