The purpose of this piece was to write a poem as short as possible. We had rules to write this poem: there were 16 words picked from our favorite poems listed on the board. We had to use all the words to create our own poem. I’m guessing that you will soon find them out while reading this short poem. I include this piece because it has lots of meanings to me and I know some of these things are happening. I learned that angry and laughing are not similar. Please feel free to give a comment.

I breathe without anger.
I can pretend that I am angry but I am happy.
I have faith on you. But I hope that you won’t throw it away.
I like to walk barefoot but whenever I do that I take a shower.
To me the meaning of confusion is a complicated thing.
I care about people who have assertiveness
I don’t have confidence about my rhythm test next week.
Whenever a person makes me mad I always act like biting angst.
I have lots of space at home, it’s a safe place to be
and I feel Empathy about my mom:
I know she’s home even before I arrive:
I breathe without anger
and smell home.

Wordle: Behavior