The Two Beastes

The purpose was to tell my classmates one of the memorable stories that I can never forget. I am including this piece into my portfolio because I think this is a good piece because it really describes what happened that day I was attacked. I am proud of this piece because I don’t always put this much details in my free write. When I was writing this piece it took me back to the day it actually happened.

This is a true story.

This is a story about two friends trying to get away from two beasts. One day two children went out to a little grass park right in front of their house. They wanted to play catch with this new ball they got (the best green Nerf football on the market). So as they were throwing their ball back and fourth, they noticed two golden retrievers passing by. Suddenly,they stopped and went over to pet the dogs. One of the boys said, “this a is one of the coolest dogs I have seen in my life”, while the other one said, “this is one of the worst smelling dogs I have seen in my life”. They wanted to go play with their football again, so they said, “thank you” to the owner and went back to throwing the ball.
Once the dogs were about to go outside, the children said, “thanks again for letting us pet your dog”. Little did we know that would be the worst thing to say.
Once the boys said this the dogs noticed the ball fly threw the air and once the owner waved, he let go of the dogs leash and the beasts started running after the children. The children started running to their house, the last thing they heard was the owner screaming, if you keep on running they would bight you. the children were to scared to stop and one jumped over the gate but the other one was having trouble opening the gate, but at the last second, he was able to get threw. they busted threw the door and said, we are not going outside for the rest of the day. that is my story about how I escaped the two beast.