This morning I began my work day by reviewing GCE Voices (our blog).  I was deeply moved by the range and quality of work represented.

  • Students drumming, dancing, and most importantly, feeling safe to express themselves in Carlos & Javier’s “Global Rhythms and Poetry” course.
  • JH shares his powerpoint on the USDA for Keziah’s “You Are What You Eat” course .  More importantly, when you follow the link to his portfolio, you’ll see how well organized and structured it is so that he can develop it over time.
  • James, our resident architect, shares a prompt about the Willis Tower for his Design & Engineering class to which the students will reply over the weekend.
  • HP posts an essay for An American Argument, which reveals the empathy, understanding, and hypocritical tendencies inherent in building a nation by some for many.

In sum, we are learning how to learn, how to express ourselves, and how to deal with the challenges of the world.  Worthy causes.