The purpose of this piece was to write a sonnet and you had to decide which shape, metric, and rhyme to use to reinforce your poem.

I included this particular piece in my portfolio because I think it’s a great sonnet that you might be interest in reading. I also wanted to get feedback from you, because this is my first time writing a sonnet.

I am proud of all the work I did on this piece and, writing for my first time an amazing sonnet.

I learned that writing a sonnet is hard, if you do not know how to use metric, shape, or rhyme. I also learned that parents have to try hard to raise their children with good behavior and respect.

Please don’t kick the ball if you want peace.

Don’t kick the ball if you want every body to love.

Once you kick it the war will begin and you will lose people you care about.

Beat it, you see it again and I promise you I will make sure you won’t see it again.

Play it and I won’t judge you but, in your mind you will have something worse than Hitler.

I will guide you no matter how old you will be.

I will make sure that you won’t start the war.

I can guide you to not be a monster.

Son, if you love me, do it for me.

Promise me that you won’t blow the ball.

I know you’re the man I meant you to be, but I still want to protect you.

Son, I am sorry I cannot guide you, but I can tell you what to do.

I will be in you life to make sure that you won’t blow the ball that is full of peace.

I have faith on you and I don’t want you to throw it away.