The purpose of this piece was to write what we learned today in our field experience which was about brain technology and we had ask question which I liked the most.

I include this piece because I thought it is interesting to put in my blog.

I am proud of the people who thought about brain technology for amputees.

I learned that the more days past the more technology will be.

Today I learned lots of science which was about the brain technology.
The thing that grabbed my attention about today was the presentation that Gustavo Sudre, the scientist of Brain technologies researcher. I learned that how to re innervate an amputees. My favorite part in this presentation was when we saw a person in FMRI because they were looking in the brain to see where the person’s thoughts coming from.
Also I liked the part where the monkey was in Arizona and the robot that they connected to the monkey’s brain was in Japan. And monkey thought about running and the robot started to run.