Today we watched Gustavo’s presentation about brain Research and Its Applications. He talked about how the brain works and how they research. He also talked about many important parts of the brain and which ones are the most important in your body. Your brain has two sides which are left side and right side. Left side is Linear and the right side is Parallel.

Gustavo’s goal is to be able to “read the mind” and to research how does the brain do when you are thinking things. For example: if you think about a hammer, how many parts will show dots in your brain on the computer? What are the dots? Where are the dots showing? Which parts of the brain?

If something  happened in the brain, what part of your body would be affected? They test a person’s brain by using a micro-chip, to know how his/her brain works. He showed the video of a monkey using a chip on the brain and controlling a robot to grab a banana.

You can do many things with your brain without your hands, but it will cost a lot of money.