The purpose of this piece was to bring back to the Right way whoever is struggling with one’s own trouble .

I included this particular piece in my portfolio because I want to share with you my trouble in the world that can’t disappear from my head.

I am proud of all the work I did on this piece, because a sonnet has many elements as a poem, and I chose one that I thought was the easiest to write.  I thought I didn’t complete the sonnet, but, when I read clearly, my poem was a complete sonnet.

I learned how to write a sonnet and I know that I have to do more and more…

The world is full of Selfishness
Where Love becomes Hate
A Family and Friend become an Enemy.

The world is full of War
Fight with the word that is sharper than Knives,
darker than Dark, brighter than Sun, stronger than Wind.

The world is full of Pain
The pain, makes you don’t want a Life
The pain, can’t disappear from your Heart
The pain of Hurt.

The world is full of Sorrows
The world is full of Tears
The Tears, will make me Happy
The Sorrows, will make a Better Life.