This reci-poem was part of a bigger stop motion project.  The poem was a story guide for the stop motion.  In writing this piece, I learned a lot, not only about writing, but about myself.  I had never enjoyed writing poetry.  Since this piece was more of a freewrite poem, hybrid, it really taught me how to enjoy writing poetry.  Now, all of the poetry I have writen since then has been much more tolerable.  I am very proud of this piece, and am excited to see how it affects my final project.

A Giggle

1 quart of joy
10 cups of companionship
1 tsp carelessness
1 ½ tsp of timelessness (plus some for sprinkling on top)
½ tsp of completion
until smooth and fluffy.

Mix carelessness and timeliness in a bowl, and then mix completion and companionship in a separate bowl.  Stir the two batters together slowly.

Put in freezer for 45 minutes (as freezer temperature varies, keep in until frozen). Smother in joy, then sprinkle some timelessness on the top, and serve to your best friend when it all just seems hopeless.