The title of this piece is called love.  The purpose of this piece was to create my own sonnet. I included this piece to show the new types of poetry I am learning. I am proud of this piece because it displays my creativity. I learned that there is more to metric than the number of syllables you use.


Love is that buttermilk biscuit taste
that grandma’s fried chicken taste
that down south cornbread taste
that fresh bacon straight out the skillet taste

Love is that hot chocolate and marshmallows in the winter smell
that momma putting on her chanel number 5 perfume in the morning smell

Love is that creak in the front door sound
that daddy’s finally home from work sound

Love is that first kiss in the summer underneath the stars feel
that boyfriend hugging you tight to his chest when your sad feel
your first break up over the phone feel
that hitting rock bottom feeling