The purpose of this piece was to write a sonnet reflecting my personal life. I included this piece to show who I was as a beginning piece. I am proud of this piece because I am glad I am able to show my past self without a problem. Throughout this process, I learned more about myself.

I used to stand tall with much confidence
As people starred, I would shine with suspense
This creation is unique with no dust
As all is well and my smile untouched

Until I saw you, moss started to grow
Affection could not hide, but only show
No rain would make rust nor hail make a scratch
But the feeling from you is not a match

I would pose for you, but you wouldn’t look
I would listen for you but you’d forget
I would do all I could, but you wouldn’t care

So, chisel me the way you want me to be
Make it that stone of mine crumbles away
Let the pieces of me fall to the floor