Like a Haiku, a Topical Poem is a deceivingly simple poem,
used to summarize complex ideas, feelings or objects.

Also like a Haiku, a Topical Poem starts with…

a short verse,
grows in its middle and then concludes with
a short verse.

The difference is in the structure:
if the Haiku has only 3 verses
and is measured in syllables per verse,
the Topical Poem is measured in words,
which sum 11, distributed in 5 verses,
each one with different grammatical roles.


1 noun
2 adjectives
3 verbs
4-word sentence
1 synonym or translation of the original noun

an example…

simple earthly

rustle gather celebrate

my day is complete


Now, here’s your triple challenge:

  • 1) please create and type as a comment a very specific Topical Poem…
  • 2) summarizing your experience today…
  • 3) and using as your topic (your initial noun) either a leaf, a fern, an orchid or a butterfly that you identify with (that you think somehow “looks” like you)…