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Getting Ready to Listen…

Louder than a Bomb Semi-finals @ the Steppenwolf Theatre!

As you enter this space to watch the Louder Than a Bomb semi- finals, keep in mind that these teams have been narrowed down from 72 teams from high schools around the city. There have been 36 bouts leading up to these performances! While “the point is not the point, the point is the poetry”, you are about to witness some of the best high school poetry going on. It’s amazing to watch live art, so…

…Listen to the poem!

Using the inspiration of themes, quotes and imagery harvested during LTAB today, please write your own piece & type it as comment to this post: freestyle, sonnet, haiku, topical poem, a new style never heard before….

~ GCE Field Experience at the LTAB semifinals;
March 7th, 2011; photo by Keziah De Fusco.