(i wrote this poem after listening to a frank zappa song. for anyone who does not see the theme, it’s a sardonic, one-sided view on war.)

rise up, rise up!
the day is ours
we’ll show them, wont we?
those undeserving cowards

we’re cold steel, remember?
we’re not here to overcome
we’ve come to dismember
each and every single one

who are they to question our ways?
can’t they see they’re in the wrong?
we’ll bring them to accept our ways
or else we’ll bring them a bomb

who are they to fight back?
can’t they see it’s useless?
can’t they see we know everything?
can’t they see they’re clueless?

who are they to kill our men,
when we bring them freedom?
for we show them the way
we lead from the barrel of a gun

who are they to rise up?
those undeserving cowards
we’ll show them, won’t we?
this day is ours!