I enjoyed producing this piece because it was surprisingly eye-opening and fun. In interviewing this intellectual, female, post-lawyer, neighbor I learned a lot about her life and how past experiences might have influenced who she is today. All most all of her answers caught me off guard and made me rethink my opinions. From a technical standpoint, this was my first interview that went smoothly from start to finish.

Question #2: Have you ever faced a situation that felt like “apartheid” or “segregation” in your life? If yes, how did you face it and how did you feel about it?

Answer: Um. I, don’t think that, I have been aware of a situation, certainly not with apartheid. The closest may be when I became a lawyer, went law school. and um became a lawyer, uh it was still quite common for law firms to say ” we don’t hire woman”… um…. it was difficult for a woman to get a job as a lawyer, just because she was a woman.