The purpose of this piece was to do an interview with a person who is at least 15 years older than me; we had to ask this person what he or she knew about the apartheid. I chose this piece because I like it and I know many people would like to hear different thoughts about the apartheid. What makes me proud in this piece is that I got a chance to interview a person having prepared questions. I learned that segregation and apartheid are almost a similar situation and, once people separate, maybe there is a war.

Question (LN): Are you familiar with the word apartheid? If yes, what images & feelings come to you when you think of it?

Answer (Mr. PC): Yes, I am very familiar with the word ‘apartheid’ and there are always negative images for my mind, and when I think of it, I think back when I was much younger… probably. I think I became aware of it, either when I was in high school or college for the first time, because it was the way the White Afrikaners (South African government) by law, separated all of the white people in South Africa from all black. In South Africa, in every part of their life, whether where they lived, where they worked, where they eat or where they go to school. The two races of white and black were always separated, and the black South Africans were in every way put down by White Afrikaners, and I was very impressed, because it was unequal, because the whites had unequal opportunities with better schools, everything was better, South Africans didn’t have access to those things.