I chose this piece because I believe strongly in gay couple rights.
The purpose of this piece is to show why I believe gay rights should be allowed and show how right now it is an apartheid, because it is a case of segregation. It makes me proud to know that my interviewee believes the same thing. I learned that the absence of civil gay rights is a form of an apartheid and should be resolved.

DG-Apartheid Interview by gcechicago

Question: (DG) Are there any other apartheids that you can think of?

Answer: (Mr. G) Well, quite frankly I think we are going through something similar today. With the respect to the rights that many of the folks in our country that seem unable to grant to couples that are same sex couples verses couples that are herterosex couples. The whole dispute about whether there are that same sex couples should not be able to get married seems to be very much of an apartheid. And the different rights that people of homosexual can and should have which seems to be absurd there should be likewise like there’s no difference between racism there’s no difference between sexual orientation either. It seems to be very very similar and I think that thirty years from now we’ll look back and be embarrassed by our actions today just as we are today about our actions during the civil rights era.