I chose this piece because it was work I had to do in class. Also, because I wanted to learn what people have been through in the apartheid’. The purpose of this piece is to see what people know and what they have experienced about apartheid’ and also if they had people and their, life that have experienced it. What make’s me proud of it is hearing and learning about what people know about it. I learned that some people know people that have fought in the struggle and actually know people who have been in the struggle.

QUESTION: Have you ever heard stories about apartheid?

ANSWER: “I have heard stories about apartheid.
What kind of stories?

“…I heard stories about people who fought in the struggle and in South Africa. They called it “The Struggle” … and that’s what everybody called it and … I knew some people, actually some of my professors from my university fought in the struggle, and were jailed for it I heard a lot about it”.